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Tampa Bees Beekeeping Course

Beekeeper with Bees
Beekeeper with Honeycomb
Christmas and fall of 2018

Beekeeping Course

We are excited to share that we are teaching the Beekeeping course for beginners for 20 individuals per course. We are offering three courses running for 6 weeks each on Saturdays. The meeting time for each course will stay the same for those 6 weeks.

Course 1: January 20 - February 24     (2 pm – 3:30 pm)

  1. January 20

  2. January 27

  3. February 3

  4. February 10

  5. February 17

  6. February 24


Course 2: June 1 - July 6    (10 am- 12 noon)

  1. June 1

  2. June 8

  3. June 15

  4. June 22

  5. June 29

  6. July 6


Course 3: September 7 - October 12     (10:30 am- 12 noon)

  1. September 7

  2. September 14

  3. September 21

  4. September 28

  5. October 5

  6. October 12

Course Costs

$185 for 6 weeks course.


Cancellations can be made up to 2 days before the start of the course for a full refund. If cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the start of the course, you will revieve an 80% refund.  

Everyone will sign a safety waiver to participate.


Course Location

 Course will take place at :

10134 Woodstock Rd., Odessa, FL  33556

Directions:  From Tarpon Springs Rd.  turn onto Blake Rd., Turn left at Crescent Rd., follow it for 1.2 miles to Woodstock Rd, Turn (going east) and you should see my sign for TAMPA BEES. Follow this road to a T  ( turn left) and the Rankin Ranch sign is over the gate.  Please park to allow others to navigate in and out.  


Course Details

If you are allergic to bees this course IS NOT FOR YOU!  We will be opening and handling the bees at each class.  Please bring water and wear protective clothing. You may wish to purchase your own bee suit before class or just wear the protective clothing I describe. Almost all bee equipment can be found on Amazon.  Protective clothing includes boots (high top shoes, rain boots or hiking boots). Long sleeve light colored shirt (NO BLACK or dark colors.. Bees get mad at dark colors so WHITE or tan colors are best). Beekeeping gloves, light colored jeans or thick pants to your ankles.  I will have a bee veil and hat available for purchase $10 or you can bring your own.  I will provide hive tools, smokers, a first aid kit and an epi pen will be on site.  A bathroom will be provided.


Beekeeping Course Description

What you will learn during the beekeeping course.



An introduction to Honey bees and their colonies.


Equiptment & Collections

Beekeeping equipment, NUCS, collecting swarms, apiary location.


Honey Production

Overview of kinds of honey, honey removal and processing, cottage food law and bottling and labeling your honey.


Colony Management

Spring preparation, swarm management and beekeeping in both rural and urban settings


Pests in the Hive

Demo of mite checking, studying some of the diseases, parasites, pests and how to control them.  Also, including a section on pesticides and bees.


Beeswax & Pollen Trapping

Discussing equipment for beeswax and pollen trapping and also how to render wax and discuss its uses.

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