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A fun experience for nature lovers

Come experience the wonderful world of the honeybee where we encourage you to take pictures. We begin our one-and-a-half-hour journey in one of several locations surrounding Tampa, Florida. We choose the location based on availability. This activity is weather permitting – bees don’t like rainy days.


We have a variety of bee-experience locations. Some of our locations are in the woods, on a farm, and others are urban – right in a fellow beekeeper’s backyard. No matter the location, they are all unique, offering a variety of luscious flora, bustling fauna and beautiful scenery. After a short tour, we demonstrate the equipment utilized in beekeeping, and suit up in preparation to begin the hands-on bee experience.



At this point you will be able to see, feel, hear and touch apis mellifera (the European honey bee!) as I guide you to a better understanding of these amazing creatures. During our time together you will manipulate equipment, ask questions and get a practical appreciation of the bees. After, you will enjoy a refreshment while we discuss your recent experiences. Upon completion, we provide a 5 oz honey jar and honey dipper to say thank you and as a memento of being a beekeeper for a day!


There is always a chance of getting stung. If you are allergic to bees please come with your EpiPen® or choose a different experience.


Please consider the following suggestions before your visit:


  • Please wear appropriate shoes that cover your whole foot and ankles, such as boots, rain boots, hiking boots or high tops.

  • Also, as we are in Florida, the climate here can be hot and humid or cold and damp depending on the season, please dress accordingly. We are in nature, so there are no restroom facilities available to use.

  • We use a smoker while checking the bees, so your hair and clothes will smell smoky when the experience is complete.


We want you to come away from this experience feeling alive and in tune with the natural world.


**COVID-19 Safety Update**

We sanitize our bee suits after each use and provide hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes after the experience.


Are you ready for a family fun activity that is also educational?

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